Board of Directors

We completed our IPO and commenced activity on several exciting, soon to be announced projects. Catch up on our activities below!


Ted Dhanik

Executive Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

Ted Dhanik is one of the co-founders of engage:BDR LLC. He serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Company overseeing corporate development, strategic marketing, sales and business development, and product strategy.

From 2003 to 2008, Ted worked with developing strategic marketing initiatives. He worked closely with founders Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson and was responsible for launching the brand in its early days through a combination of on and offline campaigns. Ted also worked in business development at from its early days until its acquisition by Experian. Ted was also an integral part of the development and launch of the consumer lending program at NexTag Corporation.

He has worked for, or been a partner at, several other companies in business development, sales, and managerial positions, including Xoriant Corporation, Atesto Technologies, Brigade Solutions, Corporation and Merrill Corporation.

Ted also advises a number of technology startups including Fighter, LottoGopher and Schizo Pictures and is an active mentor at Los Angeles-based startup accelerator Start Engine. He is passionate about being a thought leader in the industry and he is regularly published in leading publications.

He regularly contributes to discussions about industry standards and achieving positive change, sitting on IAB committees including the Anti-fraud Workgroup, Anti-malware Workgroup, Traffic of Good Intent Task Force, Programmatic Counsel, Digital Video Committee, Mobile Advertising Committee and Performance Marketing Committee.


Kurtis Rintala

Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer

Kurtis Rintala is one of the co-founders of engage:BDR. He serves as an Executive Director and is the Chief Operating Officer overseeing the day-to-day operations and leading the execution of the strategic direction of the Company.

Kurtis is responsible for establishing policies that promote the company culture and vision. He sets goals for performance and growth and leads employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication. He evaluates performance by analysing and interpreting data and metrics. Kurtis began his career in the technology industry in 2003 as an early member of the Internet start up,


Tom Anderson

Non Executive Director

Tom Anderson was appointed to the Board as a Non Executive Director to provide the Company with the benefit of his wide ranging expertise in social media and innovative product design and to assist to steer the company’s future growth strategy. 

In 2003 Tom founded and served as President of MySpace, simultaneously inventing “social media” while revolutionizing the music industry. After its launch Myspace became the #1 most visited site on the web quickly, surpassing company’s such as Google, Yahoo and Amazon. At its peak, Nielsen Net Ratings reported that MySpace captured more than 10% of all minutes spent online worldwide.

By the time Anderson left the company in 2009, he had amassed more than 350 million friends on MySpace, making him the first and still ultimately the biggest “influencer” of all time. His MySpace profile photo, the lo-res, pixelated photo which he never changed and still uses to this day is estimated to have been viewed more times than any single photograph in history. Before retiring in 2009, TIME Magazine included Tom among its list of the 100 most influential people in the world, and Barbara Walters named him one of her 10 Most Fascinating People. 


Darian Pizem

Non Executive Director

Darian Pizem is the CoFounder of Blockbuster Ventures. He has worked across many different industry verticals within technology over the past 12 years and has Co founded blockchain development Company that provided turn key solutions for blockchain products to launch. Darian has also worked with Australia leading digital marketing company Now We Collide, he has a strong network with the tech market in Asia and Australia. Darian’s leading focus is to take great businesses to market and provide the best resources to always deliver strong success.

Ron Phillips

Non Executive Director

Ron has over 35 years experience as a senior advertising and media buying executive. He specialises in forms of offline and online advertising with a particular focus on government communications and strategies.

He worked for Clemenger Advertising and Clemenger Harvie as a senior executive for many years before joining Mitchel and Partners which is now Aegis Dentsu one of the worlds largest media groups.

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